Wanna join our gang? Get real with yourself right now.

We believe that you have an inner beauty that you don't give yourself credit for. Let's change the negative things you say about yourself. If you think you have what it takes to start loving yourself, take our gang initiation and become a Spark.
Oh yeah and Sparks get 10% off all Shine purchases.
Start My Initiation
My initiation

Before we get started, what should we call you? *

All Sparks get a gang name. Be creative.
Ok OG, time to earn that name. Are you ready to change the things you say to yourself?

Sparks are consistently working on changing the messages that we all say to ourselves.  The real ugly stuff that no one else would ever say to us. (because we would fight them)
OK Gangster, prove it. Start by saying (and BELIEVING) 3 beautiful things that you are. *

Say them outloud and enter them below. Yo, I didn’t say this was gonna be easy honey). Say them. AND believe them. Now write them here.
Are you committed to changing the messages you say to yourself? Starting now?

Do yourself a favor, and have your OWN back for a change.
Which of your body parts do you consider to be your BEST feature? *

I'm sure there's more than one
Are you willing to be your true, authentic self from this moment forward?

Sparks are passionate about you being your most beautiful, existing self
Ok then, show us how beautiful you are and upload a picture of yourself

Don't send us your latest photo from Cancun. Get real and take a selfie of you in this moment.
You're tougher than I thought {{answer_20756332}} Want to share your gangster authenticity to our Sparks group?

if you’re not ready, don’t sweat it. We still honor your shine, yo
Ok then, Share your initiation *

Join the rest of the Sparks by anonymously sharing your initiation (photo and 3 nice things) to the Shine social media feeds. Selecting "No" does not disqualify you from being a gang member.
Great job. You're initiation is over. Now we just need a few details so you can start collecting your gang benefits.

Get my gang benefits

What's your real name? *

Please include full name
What's your phone number

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Add me to the Sparks newsletter? *

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Yo Mamma says thanks.

You got allot of heart {{answer_20756332}}. If you know of any other women who might have what it takes you can share this initiation with the links below. Check your email for a welcome message.
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